Focused Forward


Touchstone Evaluations offers several services, based on a variety of scientifically-validated tools, methods, metrics – and a unique structured process within which to apply them.   Inquiries may be directed to

Analysis, Review, or Consultation.

Touchstone’s menu of services includes analytic, and review services, as well as a range of consulting services.   This category of service can range from reviewing a study plan for another organization, to performing a literature review, to performing a statistical analysis, to providing analysis and insight on new experimental designs or test methods.


User Testing and/or Product Evaluations.

Touchstone offers testing based on tools in the Touchstone Toolkit, such as:
Advanced Task Analysis and Driver Performance Modeling, Visual Occlusion, Stimulus Detection Tasks, ‘Static Load’ Testing, Modified Sternberg Techniques,
and Special Part-Task Simulation Techniques, among others – including a new comprehensive, holistic method for evaluating human experience with a product.  Touchstone brings knowledge of traditional techniques as well – including glance measurement, laboratory techniques, driving simulator techniques, observational methods, and others.


Custom Research Projects conducted to meet a client’s specific needs.

These projects can be done at the client’s product development location, at a Touchstone facility, or at a neutral location that is temporarily leased for the period of the project. Project focus and results can be maintained as proprietary to the client, if needed.