Focused Forward

Touchstone’s products include:

High-Level Summary Reports from Tests or Projects

These provide an overall picture of product and/or user experience – and can even provide a picture of how products stand within an industry (competitive benchmarks).

 Detailed Test Reports

These contain rich detail about the interactions between a product and its user’s experience, for the range of individual tasks it enables.  Measurement outcomes for each are provided, and (if desired) diagnostic information about any sources of difficulty for users that could perhaps be addressed through re-design).

 Customer-Oriented Information and Tips

Consumer information can be prepared, and delivered – varying from “tips” about how to use a device – to owner’s manual information, warnings, and information for specific groups of customers – such as teens and older drivers.)

The Magic Behind What Touchstone Delivers:

  Touchstone Products and Services draw from its staff’s knowledge and application of a comprehensive hierarchy  of human experiences

  A multidisciplinary approach for understanding human capabilities  and functioning:                                           
- Neurosciences
- Cognitive Psychology                                                                                                       - Human Factors
- Biomedical Engineering